Upcoming Shows

  • <red-text>6:00 PM</red-text></br>Soaring Ridge Craft Brewers</br><small-bold>Roanoke, VA</small-bold>  
    date: Jul 20, 2018 time: 6:00pm

    6:00 PM
    Soaring Ridge Craft Brewers
    Roanoke, VA

  • <red-text>12:45 PM</red-text></br>Virginia Food Truck Battle</br><small-bold>Agusta Expo Center Fisherville, VA</small-bold>  
    date: Aug 02, 2018 time: 12:45pm

    12:45 PM
    Virginia Food Truck Battle
    Agusta Expo Center Fisherville, VA

  • <red-text>6:30 PM</red-text></br>Fatback Soul Shack</br><small-bold>Christiansburg, VA</small-bold>  
    date: Aug 03, 2018 time: 6:30pm

    6:30 PM
    Fatback Soul Shack
    Christiansburg, VA

  • <red-text>5 PM</red-text></br>Twin Creeks Music Festival</br><small-bold>Vinton, VA</small-bold>  
    date: Aug 18, 2018 time: 5:00pm

    5 PM
    Twin Creeks Music Festival
    Vinton, VA

  • <red-text>6 PM</red-text></br>The Rail Bar and Grill</br><small-bold>Covington, VA</small-bold>  
    date: Sep 08, 2018 time: 6:00pm

    6 PM
    The Rail Bar and Grill
    Covington, VA

  • <red-text>6 PM</red-text></br>Big Lick Brewing Company</br><small-bold>Roanoke, VA</small-bold>  
    date: Oct 05, 2018 time: 6:00pm

    6 PM
    Big Lick Brewing Company
    Roanoke, VA

  • <red-text>2 PM</red-text></br>Grandin Chillage</br><small-bold>Grandin Village, VA</small-bold>  
    date: Oct 20, 2018 time: 2:00pm

    2 PM
    Grandin Chillage
    Grandin Village, VA

  • <red-text>7 PM</red-text></br>Hammer and Forge Brewery</br><small-bold>Boones Mill, VA</small-bold>  
    date: Nov 09, 2018 time: 7:00pm

    7 PM
    Hammer and Forge Brewery
    Boones Mill, VA